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In February 2018, in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Chancellery and the State of Vorarlberg,

we held an informative event on crossBORDER funding programmes. More than 40 people interested in culture and the arts from the neighbouring regions around Lake Constance and the Austrian federal state of Tyrol spent this morning at Spielboden Dornbirn to learn about EU cultural funding programmes, have their questions answered and discuss related topics with others.

Despite the wide range of funding opportunities, not much EU subsidies went into cultural activities in Vorarlberg in recent years. Kultur Perspektiven 2024 is here to change this, not least due to our European Capital of Culture 2024 initiative. By providing facts and contacts to interested people from the cultural sector and encouraging funding applications, our informative event – the first of its kind held since 2005 – was an important first step towards this goal.

Elisabeth Pacher, representing the Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria, opened the event with an introduction to the “Creative Europe” funding programme. Hubert Hämmerle and Martha Stüttler-Hartmann from the Federal State of Vorarlberg presented the Interreg cross-border community initiative and the “Europe Direct” information centre, followed by first-hand, practical insights from Michael Stolhofer of ImPulsTanz festival, Vienna, and Christoph Töny, head of the Klostertal museum society.

Presentations for download:
Creative Europe – Das EU-Programm für den Kultursektor und die Kreativbranche
Elisabeth Pacher, Creative Europe Desk – Culture, Bundeskanzleramt Wien

Interreg – Förderung grenzübergreifender Zusammenarbeit
Hubert Hämmerle, Europaangelegenheiten und Außenbeziehungen, Amt der Vorarlberger Landesregierung

Isabella Natter-Spets then hosted a so-called “Open Space” where participants had the opportunity to present their own ideas, to ask questions specific to their funding application and to mingle with others realising similar projects.

As the office for the application for ECOC 2024, we aim to actively promote the strengthening of networks and cooperation and thus contribute to a modern development of arts and culture in Vorarlberg and the Lake Constance region. We do not want cooperation to end at the borders of our country. We want to go far beyond. We want our ECOC bid to break the ground for shaping the future together and positioning Vorarlberg as a socially relevant model region in Europe!

We were very grateful for the great interest in this event. The participants’ positive feedback strengthened our decision to continue with such informative events on the European funding landscape.

We keep you updated!

(c) Werner Micheli


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